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Managed Services

In today's constantly evolving world of the technology, we find that alot of clients are spending more time trying to get their IT to work for them then they are on the Business. Here at Outsourced IT, we firmly believe that your IT infrastructure should HELP you, not hinder you.

This is where Managed Service Agreements come into the picture.  Allowing us to manage your network for you, with full monitoring of all  endpoints, servers, network devices and more. Real-time reporting on hardware performance, software and updates, as well  as automated management keeping your system up to date, working and protected.

With a custom tailored package to match your business needs, we can take the pressure of managing and maintaining your IT network.


What exactly are you being covered for?

Our maintenance contracts come in two main forms, either a Managed Services Agreement or a Monitored Services Agreement. Below are some of the primary features of each.

The two basics

Our Managed services plan is a solution that covers all elements of disaster recovery and associated costs of general repairs, support and labor. This allows you to have peace of mind regarding how much you pay monthly for IT support. With priority response times, a dedicated account manager and included consultations to help you grow, this is all you can ask for in IT solutions.

Our Monitored services are tailored specifically as requested. We can monitor as little or as much as you want, and will inform you of any work required to prevent detected issues. All devices are patched and report weekly, allowing you to be confident your systems are secure and running optimally.

Managed Services

  • Help Desk support and repairs (No hourly charge, no hidden fees)
  • Remote Access 24/7
  • Server, Desktop and Network monitoring, reporting & patching
  • Offsite Backup with Monitoring
  • Security and Anti-Virus pro-active management
  • Garunteed Emergency response times
  • Included monthly consultation

Monitored Services

  • No Call-out Fee
  • Remote Access 24/7
  • Server, Desktop and Network monitoring, reporting & patching
  • Tailored on-site backup solution.
  • Notification of pro-active work to help your network

Managed Services means i know what my monthly IT support costs will be. Reading weekly reports on my system health, and early notification of work required has saved us a lot of downtime.